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One of the soldiers pulled up his visor and turned to his superior.
"Sarge, why are we here?"
America and a few allies had invaded just about the rest of the world. That was three years ago. Currently, the entire war effort was "Cleanup."
"Roswell, are you familiar with Polio?"
"Yeah, Sarge. What does that have to-"
"What is Polio, then?"
"It's a disease, Sarge…"
"No. It's Bad. Polio is Bad. And what are bombs?"
"Bad, Sarge?"
"You catch on quick, private. Now, whenever you wonder why we're here, just pretend they have Poliobombs. That's an order. Now put down your visor."
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What's that on the Ceiling?
Ricky wasn’t the best student, nor was he the worst. He was grade-A C-level, for sure. He always doodled on his tablet, or talked to his brown-haired buddy, Jerry.
Ricky was in first grade. A fair size for his age, Ricky seemed always to blend in to the surroundings. He probably would have, too, has his blonde hair not always given him away.
Because of his constant talking in class, Ricky had to sit in the front of Mrs. Ferguson’s Social Studies class. Even then, while the rest of the class was learning how to find England on a map, Ricky was lost in his own little world. He had become so adept at daydreaming that he could give himself controlled hallucinations. There was never anything too bad in his daydreaming. At least, if there was, he could usually snap out of it quickly.
One day, however, Mrs. Ferguson was in a particularly boring lecture about the “exciting world of corn production.” Exciting. Right.So, without any time wasted, Ricky began daydreaming
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Hooked on Phonics by Rustysporkman Hooked on Phonics :iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 3 4 Zombie Survival Sheet by Rustysporkman Zombie Survival Sheet :iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 1 17
Only for Tonight
If only for tonight,
I want to hold you close,
Kiss you, hug you, never let you go,
try not to think how quickly it goes.
Tonight I am your man,
tomorrow, just a friend.
I love you now, completely,
I wish the night won’t end.
How will we speak,
thinking of tonight?
Tomorrow will be hard,
Tonight, it felt so right.
It means so much to me,
This ephemeral embrace,
I cannot give it words,
With so much love and grace.
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Sleep so soundly
While I sleep so soundly,
So safe inside my bed,
A mother is left crying,
Her son is laying dead.
While I sleep so soundly,
Here within my room,
A man has taken up a gun,
And sent himself to doom.
While I sleep so soundly,
Nestled in my sheets,
A boy is gone, taken,
Kept by a stranger he meets.
While I sleep so soundly,
My night-light all a-glow,
A poor and young, nice soldier’s wife,
Widowed now, must know.
While I sleep so soundly,
With warmest bed clothes on
A son cries soft all night,
His father long since gone.
While I sleep so soundly,
With schooling the next day,
A man drowned in mounds of debt,
Has none, no way to pay
While I sleep so soundly,
So happy with my life,
A man has lost, no longer has,
His ever-loving wife.
While I sleep so soundly,
I try to end this poem
If you ask me why I write,
No, I did not know them.
It's hard to end a poem like this,
One that centers on pain,
It doesn't stop, it doesn't ebb,
just washes over us like so much rain.
:iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 1 3
Mature content
Had to kill a man :iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 0 8
I'm safe inside my box
I’m safe inside this box
No one sees me cry
I have a perfect reason
But I cannot tell you why.
If no one sees your feelings,
And no one sees your heart,
You then give to no one,
The power to tear them apart.
If I’m in love,
And love is Free
Why is this feeling
Costing so much to me?
She saw my heart
And took it out
I cringed, I waited
For the harshness she would spout
She should have dropped it,
Crushed it, buried it right beneath
Her foot, but she didn’t.
My heart had been a heath,
But she nurtured it, caressed it,
And now it has to grow
To fit all the feelings that I now feel
And wish for all to know.
I no longer have my box
Its purpose now long gone
I’ve met a kinder, nicer girl,
And my heart has survived to a new dawn.
:iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 0 0
Creative writing prompt
"It was three days before they found the body. It was well preserved, I guess. I mean... as well preserved as a body could be in the Mojave, in a duffel bag. What I mean is, no varmints could get to him in it, and he dried out pretty quick.
I can still remember the look on Tony's face when he un-zipped the thing. I swear by my mother's grave that the air came out so quick from the damnable thing that his hair flew back. He spent the next 40 minutes puking out his lungs.
God Damn I miss Quentin. He was a good pal. Great at dumping bodies. In fact, I have a feeling that he's real pissed that he got such a piss-poor dumping. I mean... the Mojave? In a fuckin' Duffel Bag? If he'd had the same equipment and the same time, we'd never have found the body. Never.
Anyways, we had him cremated - he always said that was the easiest way to hide a body, cremation. All you'd have left was ashes - and scattered him in the forest. What's that? How'd we get him cremated without too many q
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Odd bit of poetry
Faces in the Crowd
Watching and Waiting
No one stops to help.
:iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 0 7
Urban Dead Character intro
Rusty was a student at Howland Street School. He was very popular, his car was the finest and best kept of all his friends. He had a great relationship with a great girl. She’s probably dead now.
Rusty’s blue eyes are strikingly gentle. His reddish-blonde hair would reach down past his eyes if it wasn’t naturally curving into a sort of sweep. His musculature is quite strong, and he has a dead-shot aim. He’s got a quite addictive attitude, and makes friends easily.
Rusty rolled into the driveway, his eyes deep from the party. He got out of the car and fumbled with the keys as he entered his house. He saw a form slumped in what appeared to be slumber in the Lazy-boy seated near the wall.
"...Dad? I'm sorry for-" He was cut off.
"Rusty, your mother..." The form whimpered, "She...we were in bed and she fell asleep, then she..."
"Dad..." Rusty whispered.
"She lunged at me, and bit me in the neck. I yelled at her to let go but all she did was chew on my flesh and groan. I
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Bob and Bill by Rustysporkman Bob and Bill :iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 0 3 Dinner? by Rustysporkman Dinner? :iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 1 3
Ode to mine Body
Hello, oh brain.
Will you run through the rain?
You are a brain,
They do not run through the rain.
Hello, oh foot.
Have you stepped in soot?
I do apologize,
But you do symbolize,
A foot,
In soot.
Hello, oh eye.
Will you eat my Rye?
You are an eye.
You will hurt the rye.
Hello, oh calf.
Have you sawed that log in half?
Are you in cahoots with mine eye?
To get at the rye?
Because the foot stepped in soot?
So the Brain would not feel bad,
About rain being left to not be run through?
Well, that doesn't make sense,
But be sure to rinse,
The sawdust from the floor,
So it does not get on the door.
Hello, oh appendix.

Screw that.
:iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 0 2
In Texas... by Rustysporkman In Texas... :iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 1 6 Snakes on a Train by Rustysporkman Snakes on a Train :iconrustysporkman:Rustysporkman 0 8


1000 W0RDS by yuumei 1000 W0RDS :iconyuumei:yuumei 118,719 27,822
The Morality of Homosexuality
A father picks up his newspaper the morning after he buried his son, a Marine Corps Corporal. He found the front page dominated by a story about protesters thanking God for killing another soldier.
The protester's justification? Their message is supported by scripture: God is punishing America for being tolerant of homosexuals and the death of soldiers is a welcome sign of God’s wrath.
How is a parent supposed to feel when their beloved child, who happened to be different, dies fighting to protect a people who's only response is “You’re going to hell!” and “God hates you!” ?
The claim in question today is "Homosexuality is morally wrong, because God says so." I disagree. A person's sexual orientation has nothing to do with morality.
Let's look at what parts of the Bible support this claim. A few sample translations from various publications include:
King James Version, first published in 1611: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is ab
:iconandalitebandit-6:Andalitebandit-6 566 1,238
RickRoll by LeoLeonardo RickRoll :iconleoleonardo:LeoLeonardo 902 208 World War Two: Simple Version by AngusBurgers World War Two: Simple Version :iconangusburgers:AngusBurgers 11,747 2,360
Quasi Una Fantasia
“Azalea, I have something to tell you.”
“Jeff, I missed you so much!”
I fell into his warm body. He pulled me back and kissed me on the cheek. He grabbed my hands. His hands were trembling in my light grip. The roughness in his hands were smoothed by puddles of sweat he was emitting. His nails, as always, were perfectly smooth and polished, but even now I found a few rough edges. The pulse beating through his hands and the swallowing of saliva was the only thing I could make out. I opened his hands and traced the phrase “TELL ME”. He grabbed my hand and held it tight, practically crushing it in his grip. Until now, I had never heard Jeff cry.
“Azalea, I love you. You’re so amazing, and since you left my apartment that morning I’ve been so depressed and I realized, I need you in my life. More than I need anything else. I care about you so much and I may be the only one who does…”
Jeff let go
:iconizzylockett:IzzyLockett 1 5
How does the friendship smell? by xdeex How does the friendship smell? :iconxdeex:xdeex 2,812 222 Rockets by frowzivitch Rockets :iconfrowzivitch:frowzivitch 122 44 myths by Bob-Rz
Mature content
myths :iconbob-rz:Bob-Rz 8,176 1,092
The Caged One by first-last-fallen
Mature content
The Caged One :iconfirst-last-fallen:first-last-fallen 237 206
Muggle'd. by Slinkers Muggle'd. :iconslinkers:Slinkers 3,271 1,269
God Is Dead
God's robes flapped around him as he looked over the edge and onto the street below.
"Don't do it! Don't do it!" cried the security guard behind him.
God said nothing, climbing onto the raised edge of the building. Five storeys below, people were beginning to take notice.
"Jesus Christ! Look!
"Oh my god!"
"Where's my camera?"
He turned and faced the security guard, who stopped walking and gazed upon the face of God. He'd been crying.
"But... why? You've got so much to live for..."
God gave a wan smile. "So have all of you."
He spread his arms wide, closed his eyes and breathed a deep sigh, falling back and off the building.
*     *     *
A crowd was gathering around the black, sticky mess that remained of What-Once-Was Our Lord.
"Is he dead?"
"Who is it?"
"Where's my camera?"
The bystander effect was operating at maximum efficiency, causing everyone to just stand there and looked at the mangled remains. Presently, however, a fine upstan
:icondeviantkupo:deviantkupo 1,193 977
. dream of roses . by luleiya . dream of roses . :iconluleiya:luleiya 7,816 589 Max 2 by HannahCombs Max 2 :iconhannahcombs:HannahCombs 5,076 403 Equalizer by Davenit Equalizer :icondavenit:Davenit 6,001 596 IMAGINATION by RDCarneiro IMAGINATION :iconrdcarneiro:RDCarneiro 19,242 2,423



Contains Nuts
United States
Within the past few years, my family has had to put down two animals: Lizzie, a dog, and Sophie, a cat. I loved both of those pets so much. Just so damn much. For both of them, I was told after-the-fact that they were gone.

Lizzie was old. She suffered from seizures for so long her mind had gone. One day I woke up at around eleven in the morning and just as I rounded the banister to go downstairs, my parents walked by and said they had put her down. The last thing I remember doing to that dog was tackling her away from a chicken breast she had already half-eaten. Sure, I kept telling myself that I'd START being nicer to her – I was a general shit to her, since I'm a teenager and have a low tolerance for things not being perfect – but I never acted on it. Now I'll never have the chance to look her in the eye and tell her I love her, even though her mind has gone so far she wouldn't know who I am.

Sophie wasn't nearly as old as Lizzie. She was probably a year old when we got her, and I was in first grade, so eleven years? She still had time yet. But we keep our cats outside during the summer, because they CAN be outside then. Last fall, when we began paying attention to the cats again (It's too cold in winter to let them out for anything more than relieving themselves), we noticed her tail wasn't moving like it should, and she smelled of urine. Somehow, she had broken her spine during the summer. Her tail was limp and she had no bladder control. The vet disinfected her crotch and prescribed antibiotics, but that was all we could do. One day, on the way home from school, my dad pipes up that they had her put down.

I told him, while trying to keep down tears, that I hated the fact that they kept putting down our pets without at least letting me know it was the last day I'd see them. I felt like I was six and my parents had sent them "To live on a Farm." I had no control; I had no chance to say goodbye. If I had known Sophie was about to be put down, I would have let her sleep on me one last time, even if my shirt would be stained with piss. I wouldn't give two shits about it, because I loved that goddamn cat. If I had known Lizzie was about to be put down, I would have demanded to have a few last moments with her.

Louis is a fifteen-year-old Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd mix. He and I are littermates: He lets no one but me sleep on his side, he comes into my room when he's scared, and he lets me pet him when he's eating. No one else in our family can say any of that. I love that dog more than I love most people. He's arthritic and has some benign growths on his chest. He has Ocular Occlusion, which is fatty growth on his eyes. He is definitely not a puppy anymore.

But I will not let him be put down without me right there. I will not sleep in late, I will not stay home, I will not opt to leave the room. I will be there with him right until the very end. I don't care if I'm at college on the other side of the world: I. Will. Be. There. Because Lizzie and Sophie were pets; I loved them, but they were still animals. There is no way on God's Green Earth that I will let my best friend go into that Good Night without me being right there to assure him that everything is okay and that he will always be my dog, my best friend, and my littermate.

I know you can't read, Louis. But I love you. I'll always love you. And I'll be there for you. I promise you that. Even if I can't tell you what happens after, I promise you that.


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